Easy ID 1-2-3 Bundle

$1,695.00 $3,615.00

Evolis Easy 1-2-3 Bundle

Comes with:

  • Zenius Classic Printer (Zenius Expert, if mag option chosen.)
  • 100 blank cards
  • Cleaning Kit (PS-ZENIUS-CLEAN1)
  • 1 color ribbon (PS-ZENIUS-5PANEL)
  • Cardpresso XXS Lite Software


  • Low MSRP to help with initial capital investment, along with creating the total ID Card printing solution.


  • Compact and lightweight design allows for easy mobility.
  • Unique printer design handles either color/monochrome printing or rewritable.
  • Software can be upgraded to a higher edition without losing card designs or data as customers’ needs grow. 


  • Purchasing decision is simplified. All system components already bundled in a convenient solution..

Standard Features

Print Capabilities

  • One Sides printing
  • Edge-to-edge continuous-tone, full-color, black-and white printing
  • Edge-to-edge rewritable printing
  • Alphanumeric text, logos and digitized signatures
  • Variety of bar codes
  • Background patterns

Advanced Imaging Technology Print Speed

  • Full color printing: 30 seconds per card
  • Monochrome (black) printing: 7.2 seconds per card


  • 50 card feeder
  • Integrated card holder stores 20, 0.03 in. (0.76 mm) cards

Operating System Support

  • Windows®: XP SP3 32/64, Vista 32/64, W7 32/64, W8 32/64
  • Mac OS X (Intel® processor) 
  • Linux OS upon request

Printer Driver

  • User-adjustable image and color controls
  • Stand-alone driver diagnostics
  • Color image and test card preview
  • Online user help
  • Add text, image or pattern to topcoat
  • Supply usage tab

User-Friendly Operation

  • Audible and visual message prompts
  • Continuous cleaning roller
  • Operator-replaceable printheads
  • Error-free ribbon loading